Payment Policy

We accept payments via debit card, credit card, bank transfer, some supported wallets and UPI.

Cash on Delivery with Advance

We also offer Cash On Delivery but to avoid fake order we take 20% of the total amount in advance and allow customer to pay 80% of the amount by Cash On Delivery. 

Note: The amount which is taken as advance (i.e. 20% advance money) is considered as booking amount which is NOT REFUNDABLE in case customer wants to cancel the order at the time of delivery or before it. We have to pay full payment to our seller in advance so if customer wants to cancel it then it will affect our business because we have already paid full amount in advance and paid for shipping and Indian customs clearance. So booking/advance amount will not be refunded at all until our seller agrees.

However, if we agree to refund then we will deduct the 4.72% of the booking amount for taxes & charges and pending amount will be refunded. It will be purely our decision to refund the amount or not, we do it to entertain serious orders only. 

Orders with paid full payment:

We can entertain order cancellation only after discussing with suppliers. If supplier has dispatched the product then order cannot be cancelled in any situation and we will still dispatch the item to your delivery address. However if we agree to refund after discussing with supplier then we will deduct 4.72% of the amount for taxes and charges and will refund the pending amount.